Audio Mix Studio

Visually intriguing and technically superior, the audio mix studios at 48 Windows integrate architecture, art, aesthetic, and technology to create a uniquely warm, relaxed, and creative environment.

48 Windows clients are encouraged to make the studio their telecommuting office away from the office. An abundance of productivity tools including unrestricted phones, fax and copy service, Internet connectivity, and computer workstations are at hand to assist clients with their projects.

Audio Mix Studio A

Audio Mix Studio A

Audio Mix Studio A is a large mixing room capable of seating eight people. The room is configured to sweeten, record and mix for Reality TV, Radio Commercials, TV Commercials, Internet content, Music Videos, 1-2 mic ADR Recording and Music Recording. The Studio has sound isolated windows “to the world” providing the client with natural light and a view of Santa Monica. The studio features Hi Def sound and Hi Def video playback and multi-format monitoring.

Audio Mix Studio B

Audio Mix Studio A

Audio Mix Studio B is a large mixing room capable of seating eight people. The room is configured for TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Internet content, Reality TV in both stereo and 5.1 surround. It has the same setup as Studio A with windows for natural light. The VO booths of both Studio A and B have windows so that the talent can enjoy natural light as well.

Audio Mix Studio C

Audio Mix VO

Audio Mix Studio C is a recent addition to serve our more budget conscious clients. The room seats 2 clients and features all the same high quality equipment as Studios A and B.

Audio Mix Client Services

We’re connected! 48 Windows is a fully networked facility assuring you of seamless recall, backup, and access to your project and its associated elements. Additionally we have full ISDN connectivity including MPEG3 and DGS distribution. Our clients also enjoy world class cuisine because of our special relationship with Santa Monica’s finest restaurants.